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Gibson GA8T Discoverer Tremolo Amplifier

October 27, 2010

This is a 1965 GA8T Discoverer Tremolo Amplifier. It includes a 12″ Jensen speaker along with a tremolo circuit that sounds great but different than Fender’s. The vacuum tubes are: (2)6BQ5/EL84, (2)6EU7, and (1) 6CA4. It puts out about 15 watts.


Premier 90 Reverb, Premier Club Bass B-160

October 27, 2010

This is a 1965-67 Premier Reverberation Unit. It includes a 6EU7 preamp tube and a 6AQ5A output tube. The (2) knobs control the reverb intensity and the reverb volume.  A fixed instrument cable and foot switch are included. This reverb unit has a completely different sound than the Fender reverb units.

The amplifier is a custom Premier B-160
Club Bass. The tubes included are: (2) 7591, (1) 12AX7, (1) 6267/12AT7 and (1) 5Y3. It also includes a 15″ Jensen Concert Speaker. It puts out about 22 watts.

The two together make for some great sounds!

Gibson GA17RVT Scout Amplifier

October 27, 2010

This is a 1964 Gibson GA17RVT Scout Amplifier. It is one of the Crestline series created by Gibson. The vacuum tubes used are: (2) 6AQ5A, (2) 6EU7, (1) 12AX7 and (1) 6CA4. It includes a 10″ speaker.

The features are reverb and tremolo, both of which sound great, but different from Fender’s. It puts out about 10-12 watts.

Gibson GA-20T Guitar Amplifier

October 13, 2010

This is a 1956 Gibson GA-20T Guitar Amplifier. It contains two 6V6 output tubes, one 12AX7 preamp, one 6SQ7 preamp, one 5879 preamp, one 12AY7 preamp and one 5Y3GT rectifier tube.  It has a 12″ Jensen speaker and outputs about 16-18 watts.

There are four input channels, two are mic and two are instrument.   The amp includes a built-in tremolo that  has a very good sound.