About Snakeskin’s Virtual Music Museum

Hi!  Snakeskin Here!

Welcome to my Virtual Music Museum.  I plan to add my musical instruments and music-making equipment to this site.  You will see everything from Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Harmonicas and Basses to Hi-Fi Consoles, Guitar Amplifiers, Mono and Stereo Amplifiers, Tuners, Preamplifiers, Integrated Amplifiers, a Leslie Cabinet, Echoplexes, Stomp Boxes, Effects Processors, Headphones and Microphones.


6 Responses to “About Snakeskin’s Virtual Music Museum”

  1. Kevin Smyth Says:

    My friend Gerry Bailey sent me your address. I am a (strictly) amateur basically self taught player with a real interest in guitars and music, particularly acoustic. I have 2 fender solid body electrics and 2 acoustics, both Autralian made.
    A “Cole Clark” FL3 drednought, solid Bunya pine back and sides and a solid spruce top. # pick ups and a piezo. Great sound.
    have a custom made small jumbo beautifully crafted by a local luthier (Kent Redford).All american timbers, top grade Mexican Cocobolo Rosewood back and sides and a Californian Redwood top. Sigle pick up, no pre amp built in so as to preserve the sound which is warm and rich though the instrument is quite young. Visually beautiful well finished instrument. Roots, blues and ballard music is my passion. I have written a few songs I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland about 60 miles north pf Brisbane. Senior, semi retired these days.
    Certainly correspond if you wish.
    With kind regards,


    • muscmp Says:

      hi kevin: glad you liked the site.
      i’ve heard great things about the cole clark guitars.
      tell jeba(mr. bailey) i said hi.

  2. dolylamby Says:

    Hey Mike… Great shots… I’ve been wondering about all those old gibsons you have. Hope to see you soon. Eric

    • muscmp Says:

      hey eric: i’ve been going thru all the guitars lately. restringing, cleaning, oiling fretboards and humidifying. even tho prices have come down somewhat, i’m still in it for the long haul. those will be the last things i sell as i need cash. i’ll let the economy rebound then start selling off the amps first(they are just too damn heavy to keep around!!). my god, how did i carry a super reverb from our room upstairs in mom’s house, down to the basement to play it!? no wonder i have a ventral hernia!! hope to see you soon too! i haven’t received official word yet but i’m hoping to go to the NAMM show, mid january, in anaheim, for the 3rd straight year. exhausting and noisy but also very interesting. cu


  3. Coupe DeVille Says:

    Mike, always enjoy visiting your site. Great instruments, and all of the details!

  4. Blake Says:

    Great website. A real dream collection of amps.

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